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Short, Inexpensive Writing Course Starting Feb. 1

Once again I have an idea for a post or a series of posts, but I need to do more research and likely will not have that completed by the end of the day. My idea does involve an alternate method of learning about writing, so in the meantime I’m going to suggest another alternate that popped up in my inbox. Southeast Review runs a series of short online workshops for writers and the next one begins Feb 1. To sign up you can go to this page  and scroll down to the registration button. As of this moment, the page is not updated, but the up-to-date info is at the end of this post.

I participated in this low cost ($15) series a year or two ago, and although I didn’t utilize all the resources available, it was inspiring to have challenges, podcasts and other info arrive on a daily basis. It could have been an intensive short course packed with info. The beauty of it, though, is that you can pick and choose and just read or listen or write what you want. At the end of the month there is a writing challenge with the winner being published on the website. Although I didn’t win, I did write something out of my usual genre and have one more flash I can circulate.

Have you participated in this? What did you think?

As the link on Southeast Review does not appear to be updated, I am copying the information that was in the email below:

Don’t Miss the Adult Writer’s Regimen Launching FEB. 1st! 
Next start date: February 1st, 2014

The Southeast Review Writer’s Regimen (for adults) is a 30-day writing project for poets, essayists, and fiction writers who want to produce a body of work by introducing structure to their writing lives.
This winter, we once again invited our adult regimen participants to submit the work they produced during the program. Congratulations to Michelle Morouse, whose story “Everyone Is” is currently featured on our site. We will also publish at least one winner from this spring’s regimen online, so sign up by FEBRUARY 1st for your chance to be published on our website! 
Participants will receive 30 consecutive emails containing the following:
 + daily writing prompts, applicable for any genre. Use these to write a poem a day for 30 days, to create 30 short-short stories, or to give flesh to stories, essays, novels, and memoirs.
weekly messages from established and up-and-coming poets, writers, and teachers offering advice for staying at the peak of performance 
+ a FREE copy of Issue 32.1 of The Southeast Review
+ a Riff Word of the Day, a Podcast of the Day from an editor, writer, or poet, and a Quote of the Day from a famous writer
+ a daily reading-writing exercise, where we inspire you with a short passage from the books we’re reading and get you started writing something of your own+ Flashback Bonuses, where, as a little something extra, we repeat an earlier regimen’s craft talks from more writing heavyweights

All of this for just $15. That’s a mere 50 cents per day! Join us for a month and walk away with a new body of work! There’s still ONE week to get on board for our new regimen!

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