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On Finding Old Writings: Lost Love Poems

887299_391205761023088_140069575_o-1One of my writing friends polled those of us in our writing group about a piece she’d found on her computer. She didn’t think she’d written it, but none of us claimed it, either. Coming across published pieces you’d forgotten about is equally disconcerting. I’d completely forgotten about this particular piece which was published in Poetic Justice.


Dream with me…
we will meet
in winnowing moonrays
silent as distant suns.
You place your fingers on my cheek,
small cool touch,
needlepoint of starlight.
Your eyes like cloudless nights,
moonless wind,
like frost
my soul
into endless dreams
of you
looking away…

I did remember this next one since I often think of it when I’m picking berries. It was published in another little journal, The Yellow Butterfly.

Wild Berries

Stooping among brambles
I envision you holding women
for I know there have been many.
With each searing thorn
I wonder if you pause,
remember me

your first you said
and love you said

and like a bitter berry
curse the men
who’ve held me since.

(photo credit: Kathyrn Taylor, Feb 2014. Used with permission.)

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