Finding Recent Titles that Otherwise I’d lose

Today I found a call for submissions for a podcast where previously published work is considered. I liked this idea and looked for what I had that met the  800 word limit. (It did say longer might be considered.) Because I wasn’t sure if the copy of the two pieces I identified as ones to send matched what had been published, I checked online. While doing this, I realized I apparently hadn’t seen the final publications. To my surprise, on Tattoos Across the Universe there were three positive comments. This just reminds me of the potential benefits from  online submissions. Someone may actually read them! And comment!!! People could read my stories in print publications, but I’m unlikely to ever know.

Unfortunately, the other piece, Trip to Oz in NonBinary Review, requires a special app. I downloaded it once but couldn’t get it to work. I’ll have to try again but don’t think I’m able to link it here. Maybe if it is accepted for the podcast….

2015-06-14 11.16.37

Konovalenko gem carving. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

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